"This organization is something else. They're awesome, crazy and understanding. So much more than just an excursion, I found a part of me I forgot about"

- Jason H.

VET-EX: ESTES PARK, CO (Spring 2019)

VET-EX: ESTES PARK, CO (Spring 2019)

VET-ex (veteran excursions)

The Vet-Ex Program provides free outdoor excursions in the Fall and Spring to Estes Park, Colorado, where Veterans can experience the great outdoors inside Rocky Mountain National Park! These excursions are designed to build camaraderie, establish sense of purpose and increase quality of life. Through Veteran-led small group discussions, Veterans are educated on the difficulties of societal reintegration, military transition and other important topics. Veteran must apply and be selected by a committee to participate in this program, due to limited space. 


Vet-Rec (veteran recreation)

The Vet-Rec Program encourages Veterans to engage in outdoor therapy, more specifically hiking and camping. This program is aimed to motivate Veterans to reconnect socially, while reducing the levels of stress, anxiety and depression in an outdoor setting. We host monthly hikes across the DFW area. Be sure to check out the calendar for upcoming events!



Vet-connect (Veteran connection) 

The Vet-Connect Program was established to bring Veterans together from all generations, enrich connections, network and provide sense of purpose, giving both older and younger Veterans a sense of unity, as well as community. Every month we host a Veteran Luncheon at local assisted living residences. 


McKinney Healthcare & Rehabilitation- Veteran Luncheon